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Job Opportunities for International Teachers

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Openings for Business Teachers & Language Teachers

College of Economics, College of Business, School of Foreign Language Education & College of Foreign Languages of Qingdao University,

Qingdao, China

We are looking for 2 qualified and experienced business teachers and 6 English teachers for the 2016-2017 Academic Year.

The Courses that will be taught are Making, Service Marketing(College of Economics);Fundamentals of Management, Business Ethics ,Business Negotiations(College of Business);Oral English, English Listening, Reading and Writing (School of Foreign Language Education).

Position Requirements:

- M.A./B.A. in Business or English related majors

- Professional experience

- Native English speaker

- Commitment to teaching excellence

- Commitment to collaboration with current faculty

- Born after 1952

Position Responsibilities:

- 16 teaching hours per week;

- 2 hours per week for student activities such as participating in an English Corner or judging an English competition;

- Participation in 2 faculty meetings per semester;

- Submission of teaching reports and student grade reports at the end of each semester.

Position Benefits:

- Salary varies with the degree of the candidate;

- 1100 RMB per semester for local travel;

- Paid national holidays;

- Apartment provided on campus with all utilities covered;

- 953 RMB per month(10.5 months , totally 10000 RMB) as international transportation allowance;

- One year working Z-Visa.

Employment Dates: September 1, 2016 – July 15, 2017

Contact Information:

College of Economics: Ms. Sun,

College of Business: Ms. Yan MA,

School of Foreign Language Education: Mr. Zhang,

College of Foreign Languages: Mr. Jia, ,Ms. Qin,

Please CC to International Office: Ms. Joyce BI